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EuFMD Digital transformation

The implementation of the EuFMD Digital Transformation should start in January 2022. The proposed strategy is over two years with quarterly performance evaluations. The final objective is to improve the efficiency of the EuFMD, offering digital solutions able to meet their needs and the ones of our training activities' recipients.



Timeline and objectives


  • Virtual Learning. The objective is to introduce Mobile-first learning initiatives, to extend Microlearning to at least to another 4 courses, to fully implement the EuFMD Training Management System - TOM  and redesign the Knowledge Bank.

  • Virtual EuFMD presentation. The objective is to redesign and enhance the EuFMD website and virtual space, and enable these two platforms to support the subsequent integration of the newly developed digital solutions.​​



  • Tools and projects developed by the EuFMD. The firts selected to consider are Impact Calculator, EuFMDiS, Get prepared, Pragmatist, PCP-FMD, Vaccination demand - VADEMOS, Conductrr, SQRA toolkit, Veterinary Paraprofessionals - VPP. These tools and projects will be studied and improved under a digital/virtual perspective (some projects during 2022, as VPP App, and Vaccination demand).

  • Communications. The objective is to improve the internal communication/collaboration and enhance the external one, through an increased presence on social media and the use of more dynamic and interactive resources, able to communicate the new strategy and digital solutions introduced.

  • Meetings/Workshops organization and delivery. The objective is the improvement of the employees agility and resilience through the introduction of digital solutions able to overcome effectiveness obstacles, reduce the workload, enhance working efficiency and balance with personal life. 

  • Soft Learning experiences. as games improvement and development.

  • Help center. To evaluate the introduction of bots or AI solutions to provide a new personalized support to recipients of training activities, employees and any other interested to learn more about the EuFMD and its projects. Preliminary market study of trends and demands to understand if still a need in 2023.


Other digital solutions will be evaluated and introduced during this process, as Virtual Reality (VR) experiences (potential projects: Biosecurity procedures, Real Time Training in VR).


EuFMD-CodeOp Partnership 


The EuFMD recently signed a new partnership with CodeOp, an international technology school that offers full-time and part-time tech bootcamps for women, trans and gender non-conforming people in full stack web development, product management, and data analytics.


This partnership is intended as included within the EuFMD Digital Transformation Strategy, to promote digital innovation applied to the animal health sector. It is also included within the adherence of the EuFMD to the UN' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular in reference to:

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