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Ninth Call EuFMD

Fund for Applied Research (EuFMD-FAR) – 2021


The European Commission for the control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease is launching the Ninth Call of the EuFMD Fund for Applied Research (EuFMD-FAR).

Request for proposals

The EuFMD Fund for Applied Research (FAR) is promoting studies that should have a transformative potential, that generate tangible outputs in a form easily recognized for their relevance to EuFMD member nations; that have a trans-boundary application i.e. relevant to a wide range of EuFMD member nations; and finally that are relevant to significant issues affecting outcomes of the HOLD-FAST programme.

A funding of circa 120,000 € is available to support up to three proposals at a maximum of 40,000 € per contribution (study). As the overall number of proposals that can be funded is not limited, proposers should consider if the studies can be performed for a fraction of the maximum of 40,000 €, to give more chance of success and to enable the reviewers to support a higher number of active research collaborations.

The themes are

Theme 1: Define guidance criteria for implementing emergency vaccination against FAST diseases in disease free countries.

Theme 2: Policy support tools for socioeconomic analysis of FAST control strategies considering biosecurity-based business continuity.

Theme 3: Operational optimization of environmental sampling.


The deadline for submission of proposals is 14th may 2021 at 17.00 CEST. The field work (if any) should take place over a maximum of ten months with the final report provided one month after the end of the study. 

Applications are welcome from any source and are not limited by geographical origin.

Awards are normally made to not-for-profit research centres or organizations with a capacity for signing the contract (Letter of Agreement or LoA), with principal investigators capable of delivering quality research and/or other project outputs, and for managing funds and reporting (Annex 1 – Part B. administrative).

Applications will be assessed in two stages, first by external referees (“Referee Panel”) then by the EuFMD STC (acting as the Grant Review Board [GRB]), a multidisciplinary panel of experts who are familiar with the priorities and scope of the fund and the context of the institutions which are expected to use the knowledge, tools and outputs.

All queries and applications should be directed to using the subject line "9th FAR call - Theme N°  “…” " and include the theme number. 

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Ninth FAR Call 2021

Download here the application form

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