Meeting to explore options to improve

Security of Vaccine Supply against

Foot-and-mouth And Similar Transboundary animal diseases

22-23 January 2020.  Rome, Italy


Meeting to explore options to improve Security of  Vaccine Supply against

Foot-and-mouth And Similar Transboundary animal diseases (FAST).

Security of supply of vaccines against Foot-and-mouth disease and other Similar Transboundary (FAST) diseases is a major issue for veterinary services of “free countries”, and affects progress of control programmes in endemic regions. Such diseases include FMD, LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease), SGP (Sheep and Goat Pox), PPR (Peste des Petits Ruminants), and RVF (Rift Valley Fever), where vaccines may play a significant or principal role in epidemic control. As part of its new four-year work programme, the EuFMD has committed to support a multi-stakeholder platform that could assist to bring attention and actions in issues affecting availability of sufficient high quality and appropriate vaccines when required (‘vaccine security’).

Meeting this objective will require close cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the manufacture, supply and use of vaccines against FAST diseases. These include veterinary pharmaceutical companies, reference laboratories, regulators, veterinary authorities, and governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the procurement and supply of vaccines.


This notification informs stakeholders of the first of what is intended to be a series of meetings that EuFMD will organize with the stakeholders involved in the supply and use of vaccines against FAST diseases.


Objectives of the meeting


  1.   Share perspectives on the key issues and identify priorities to be given attention;

  2.   Share and consult on initiatives of common interest and relevance*;

  3.   Explore the feasibility and potential ways setting up and operating a multi-stakeholder [public private] platform to  improve vaccine security;

  4.   Identify and agree a prioritized set of activities for the program work stream.

* Including a potential pre-qualification system for vaccine suppliers, and an introduction to the AgResults FMD Vaccine Challenge Project which has objectives that have a high relevance to improved supply of FMD vaccines against African topotypes.

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