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  • Confirmation of participation will be sent via email by the EuFMD team / Workshop leaders.

  • Note that accommodation during the workshops is not included. Overnight accommodation,  if required, may be managed on the OS website.


Pragmatist Vaccine Antigen Prioritization

EuFMD-WRL Workshop

The Pragmatist tool: Prioritization of Antigen Management with International Surveillance has been developed by the EuFMD and World Reference Laboratory (WRL) to support risk-based decision-making for vaccine banks and FMD preparedness. Output from the Pragmatist tool is now used by the WRL to recommend FMDV vaccines for inclusion in vaccine banks. Although the Pragmatist was originally developed to support vaccine bank managers in FMD-free countries, it may also be adapted for use in endemic regions.

Objective: To familiarize participants with the Pragmatist tool to inform vaccine selection for preparedness of an incursion of FMD.

Target audience: 

  • Risk managers and science advisors in FMD-free and endemic countries.

  • Max. 30 participants.


Workshop leaders: Melissa McLaws (EuFMD) and Don King (WRL).

Venue: OS18 venue, Borgo Egnazia.

When: 01 Nov.

Cost:  Eur 100 (Eur 50 if you have registered for the OS18 earlier than July 23rd). Includes lunch.

Application: Please apply to this workshop by clicking here.

Learn more about the PRAGMATIST


Field evaluation of novel livestock vaccines

EuFMD-IVVN workshop

The EuFMD will hold a one-day workshop funded by the GCRF International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN).

Objective: The focus will be on study designs for vaccine field trials and the practical aspects of their implementation. Presentations will be delivered by expert guest speakers and there will be an opportunity for some attendees to present previous, ongoing and new projects in this area. The workshop is not specific to any particular pathogen so all researchers interested in this area are encouraged to apply.


Target audience: 

  • The workshop is aimed at researchers with experience or an interest in performing field trials of novel vaccines used in animal health.

  • Max. 30 participants.


Workshop leader: Nick Lyons (EuFMD; The Pirbright Institute), Keith Sumption (EuFMD), Eyal Klement (Koret School of Veterinary Medicine).

Venue: OS18 venue, Borgo Egnazia.

When: 01 Nov. 2018

Applications: Should you want to attend, please email and note there is a 100€ fee to participate. This will include lunch, coffee-breaks and participation.

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