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PCP-FMD guideliness

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) for the PCP-FMD

The Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) is a spreadsheet-based questionnaire developed by the European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to assist FMD endemic countries to assess their progress in the Progressive Control Pathway for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (PCP-FMD), for countries in PCP-FMD Stage 0 to 3.

The SAT aims to assist national Veterinary Services to identify completed and pending activities that should be carried out to better understand the FMD virus situation and better control FMD. It provides the framework for a standardized and harmonized country self-assessment over time and across regions. A yearly update of the SAT would allow to review the country’s activities implemented to progress along the PCP-FMD.

The SAT is also used during FMD Roadmap meetings to assist the Regional Advisory Group to assess the appropriate PCP-FMD stage for each country.

The SAT starts by asking which plan or programme for FMD control is currently in place in the country, and whether this plan or programme has been approved by national authorities and/or accepted by the Regional Advisory Group. 

The SAT user is then directed through four sections: (i) Livestock and stakeholders, (ii) Surveillance and diagnosis, (iii) Veterinary Services, and (iv) Prevention, Control and Evaluation. These four sections include 93 statements based on the latest PCP-FMD guidelines and the PCP-FMD Stage 1,2 and 3 Focus and Key Outcomes. All 93 statements should be answered irrespective of the country PCP-FMD Stage.

The SAT generates detailed outputs adapted to the PCP-FMD stage, intended to assist the Veterinary Services to prioritize the pending activities to progress through the PCP-FMD, and to guide and facilitate communication with the relevant decision makers.

The SAT was introduced during the PCP-FMD Support Officer induction workshops held in Accra and Bangkok in 2019, and has been used during the 2nd West Africa and 3rd SADC FMD Roadmap meetings (in September 2019 and November 2020 respectively). 

The SAT is currently available in English and French and can be downloaded from this page. It will also be made available online through the PCP-FMD tool for review and communication (TRAC) developed by the EuFMD and Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana (IZSLT).

Click here to download the latest version of the SAT: in English, and in French.

Learn more about the SAT by watching these short videos (English and French versions), developed by the EuFMD.

PCP-FMD Guidelines  

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