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Live demo  Recorded during the 44th EuFMD General Session, GS44

Simulation exercise online

Simulation exercises are an excellent tool to test contingency plans and procedures to improve countries’ preparedness against animal diseases. EuFMD supports the organization of simulation exercises, and has found new solution to recent challenges.


A new concept for delivering simulation exercises was implemented: partially and/or fully online simulation exercises using an online platform for delivering injects, communication between players and remote exercise control, facilitation and evaluation. This allows national authorities to continue to test and improve national crisis management systems and train national professionals to respond to animal health crisis.


So far, the EuFMD has supported the organization of four national and one multi-country simulation exercises, online or partially online, in national languages. The EuFMD also supported the online conduction of a multi-country simulation exercise organized by OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health).



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