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Vaccination against FMD - Principles and practise


25 March 2021
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GFRA / OIE / FAO / EuFMD Workshop



Our vision is to share the principles and practical experiences of different parts of the world in topics of vaccination.  This will include vaccine matching strategies, post vaccination monitoring, in vivo testing of vaccines, monitoring vaccine quality and novel vaccines.

The workshop brought together those researchers, policy makers and implementers interested and involved in vaccination as one of the means for FMD control to share knowledge, experience and ideas.  The main aim of the 3-hour workshop was to discuss vaccine related sciences that are similar across the different endemic regions and share the lessons learned.  The scene was set with invited speakers who introduced their topics.  The talks were followed by a round table discussion.  

The workshop was moderated by Kees van Manen and Theo Knight-Jones from the EUFMD.

The speakers included Don King, Anna Ludi and David Paton (FMD World Reference Laboratory, The Pirbright Institute, UK), Elizabeth Rieder (Plum Island Animal Diseases Centre, USA), David Mackay (Advisor on veterinary medicines), Wilna Vosloo and Nagendra Singanallur (CSIRO-Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, Australia), Jong-Hyeon Park (Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, South Korea) and several additional co-authors.

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